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Judith & Pauline

Judith and Pauline met each other when they both worked for a big multinational company. Immediately they recognized in each other their amazement about the unused potential in organizations. They continued running into each other over the course of the years, and at one point they realized that together they had a mission: tapping into that unused potential and to get better results from people and organisations. This mission is the reason you are now reading our website.

Judith van der Meer

“There are two questions that fascinate me immensely. Why do people do what they do the way they do it? And, how is personal leadership the key to success? The longer I work with organisations the more my passion grows to enable people and organisations to work from their inner strengths.”

Judith van der Meer was born in 1969 in Harlingen, The Netherlands. After graduating secondary school she lived and worked in England. Upon her return she studied Human Resources management in Groningen and Organisational Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. After a quick start in the recruitment industry she continued into the HR Profession. She worked with international and appealing companies in leading and directing positions in HR.


Judith is an internationally certified NLP trainer and Advanced Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Master and certified Management Drives trainer. She lives with her husband and two teenage sons in the Amsterdam area – The Netherlands.


Pauline Wagemakers

“Seeing how many people act from external motivators instead of their own strengths and intrinsic sense of freedom continues to amaze me. Hence my drive to help people to get back to their core, find the unique contribution they can offer and regain fun in their jobs.”

Pauline Wagemakers was born in 1971 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. After an intensive career as a ballet dancer she graduated in Psychology at the University of Groningen. She started her career in Executive Search, and then moved on to be an HR manager and Management Trainer. She gained international experience touring through Europe as HR Manager for Cirque du Soleil. Upon her return in the Netherlands she started up her own consultancy practice, focusing on interim HR management, coaching and training, working for a number of prominent (international) companies.

Pauline is Registerpsycholoog NIP/Labour & Organisation, internationally certified NLP trainer and Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Master and MBTI® qualified practitioner. She lives together with her partner and their daughter in Utrecht – The Netherlands.



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